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MEMO MAGISTER is an old-fashioned nineties look note card software. It is a card indexing program designed as a tool for researchers and writers who have to make extensive notes mainly from textual sources. The software is designed mainly for researchers in the humanities, especially for those in history. MEMO MAGISTER is also an excellent material management program for editors and writers.

MEMO MAGISTER is easy to use. It is, in a way, the computer equivalent of edge-notched cards or traditional index cards. It is a card index program that allows you to take notes on a card, encode the cards, extract them with specific keywords from the total file, and sort in any order you want. You can also print the cards you want on paper or save them as a single text file.

When writing a specific chapter of your essay, article, master's thesis, or dissertation, you can conveniently retrieve your note cards related to that chapter and browse them in front of you on your computer screen. You can also print notes in a separate text box on your computer screen, allowing you to conveniently type the actual research text with your text editor while browsing the notes related to that chapter in a separate text box next to it. This way, research writing progresses quickly and at best completely without paper prints.

The MEMO MAGISTER form ("Card") has 18 fields in which you can enter text. When scrolling cards forwards and backwards, the contents of the fields on the current card are updated in the fields on the main form. You can search the card index and sort the cards hierarchically. The user can decide the content of the text fields.

MEMO MAGISTER software supports UTF-8 character encoding. You can make notes practically almost with any language there is in computer format. The user interface is at the moment only in english.

With the MEMO MAGISTER you can manage your research material flexibly and save time, whether it is an essay, research article, master's thesis, dissertation or other research work.

MEMO MAGISTER 0.5 beta software is free for personal and non commercial use.

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