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MEMO MAGISTER 0.5 beta software is free for personal and non commercial use.

MEMO MAGISTER is designed as a tool for the researcher's practical work and this aspect is the starting point for product development. All users can contribute to this development. Proposals for user development and reform will be carefully examined and, where possible, implemented. In this way, the MEMO MAGISTER program is developed on the basis of user needs.

MEMO MAGISTER is in beta testing stage. We are looking for beta testers, if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Any bug reports, inquiries, feedback and suggestions for improvement regarding the program are welcome! The software is constantly being developed to better meet the needs of users. If you would like more information about the software or would like to provide feedback, which is most welcome, please send an email to
(Replace the word recipient with the word info)


Copyright © 2021
Melodata Productions, Finland.

Copyright © 2021 Melodata Productions, Finland
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