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Hardware recommendations

PC, Windows operating system (WIN 8, WIN 10 64 bit). Installation and operation preferably with Administrator rights. At least 256 megabytes of main memory. Screen resolution at least 1024 x 768. At least 5MB of hard disk space plus the amount required by the card files. Note! The application is a 32-bit program and will run on a 32-bit operating system, although not all languages ​​may be supported on the UTF-8 character system. MEMO MAGISTER is in beta testing stage.

MEMO MAGISTER is a light weight, easy to use portable program. You can use the software directly from a USB Flash drive, for example. Just after installation, copy the contents of the MEMO MAGISTER 0.5 beta directory on your hard drive to a USB Flash drive and click MemoMagister05102beta.exe to start the program.


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Copyright © 2021 Melodata Productions, Finland
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